Website Services

Development & Design

Development and design of a new or revitalized website. A website that highlights your business creating an engaging and effective presence to attract and retain customers and clients.


If you have one product or hundreds we can help you get set up to sell through your website. This might just be the extra stream of revenue your business was looking for.


The online world is cluttered with information. Your website should be a refreshing change for people. Put yourself in the position of your customers and clients. What are they looking for? Why did they come to your site? Guide them through your site in an easy to understand and appealing format. They will appreciate the simplicity.

Monthly Management

Business is growing! This is great news but you are having trouble finding the time to update your website. Let us find a monthly plan to take that off your hands, so you can focus on the business not in the business. From updates and backups, to adding content and strategy.

Search Engine Optimization

Confused by SEO? Let us bring the complexity of SEO into a simple plan to help optimally structure your website and get recognized on search engines. There are many little things that you can do that will drastically help your visibility.

Perspective & Ideas

Maybe you just need a fresh perspective and some ideas for what you can do with your website. Let us sit down and chat about your short and long term goals.

Marketing Strategies

Media Buying

Are you looking to put some of your advertising budget into online channels? Let us work together to create an advertising campaign to attract new customers and clients. With many options out there let us find what will work best for your business.

Landing Pages

It’s one thing to be attracting new customers and clients but where are you sending them? Creating, analyzing and continually updating your landing pages is one of the best ways to increase the return on your advertising dollars.

Apparel and Graphic Design

Screen Printing

Under the creative direction of LJC Art you can create clothing that people will love to wear and promote your business. Not a promotional print company, they are artist’s that will work with you to design apparel for your business.

Business Cards & Rack Cards

Ok so you have your new logo and website created! It’s time to update your business and rack cards. We will work with you to create a fresh and exciting design.

Graphic Design

We work with a team of skilled graphic designers and illustrators to help bring your ideas to life.


Boring wall space? Spice it up with some incredible custom paintings from local artists LJC Art, Kelsey Boorman and Alysha Yakimishyn.

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